On this page you will find a brief description of all the services offered at Sass and Glitter. If you wish to book one of the services listed below please utilize the Book Appointment Now link.


Women’s Haircut

You will start your service with a consultation to make sure all of your needs are communicated upfront and while your hair is still int he style you wear it. All hair care services include a shampoo and full blowout as our treat to you! Ask about adding on a conditioning treatment for a true deluxe experience.

Everyday Blowout

This service is designed to ensure you are putting your best face forward. We will shampoo and blow dry your hair using a customized formula of Amika professional hair styling products to give you that polished look you deserve.

Big Daddy Blowout

Got a big meeting coming up? What about a special dinner or event? This styling session will make sure you are ready to impress whatever audience you stand in front of. Take our everyday blowout service and add the use of hot tools such as curling iron or flat iron so you can show up and show out!

Special Occasion Hair

Special occasion hair would be for event such as a wedding or graduation. An event of this level of importance deserves its own consultation to be sure there are no details left out. If you are needing hair for an occasion such as this please book a free consultation so we can make sure your hair is as special as the event itself.

Color Services

Color Retouch

If you are just looking to make natures glitter (or grey hair as some like to call it) go away, this is the service for you. This service should be complete routinely every 6 weeks and includes approximately 1 inch of regrowth.

Single Process Hair color

If you are wanting to deposit a new tone on your hair, say no more, we got you boo. This process is for someone who is wanting to take their existing hair color a few shades darker or a shade or two lighter. If you are wanting to travel more than 1-2 shades then keep on traveling down this page, we have a service that is a better fit for you.


This process is to brighten and refresh. If you are feeling drab and like your hair needs a shiny pick me up, this is perfect service for you.

Highlighting Services

Partial Foil Highlight

This service includes highlighting of the hair you wear. What does that mean? It means the hair that is the most visible, from front hairline to the crown and both sides, will be retouched/highlighted to give you a seamless and fresh fun look.

Mini Foil Highlight

This unique service is for if you need just a couple little light pieces to brighten your day. This is no more than 10 foils and will be around the front hair line and part line only.

Full Foil Highlight

This is exactly what it sounds like, a full head of foils. You will be getting all the best channels for free by the time we are done with you! This service is to retouch/highlight hair from front hairline to back and leaves no stone left unturned.

Balayage Highlighting Services

Balayage or surface painting techniques are for soft natural sun-kissed looks. They can become progressively lighter but for dramatic or super light blondes tones this will require more than one session. Often times up to 3 sessions of Balayage in order to achieve bright blonde on contrasting base tones.

Balayage Accent Pieces

This much like the mini foil technique is a unique service intended to add a few lighter pieces around the face and part line to create small points of visual interest around the face.

Balayage Partial

This service includes the same “wearable hair” as our partial foil. This is VERY popular to create a soft pops of lightness on the parts of your hair visible while wearing it in its intended style.

Balayage Full

For this service, think Gisele B√ľndchen. The majority of the ends of the hair will appear lighter than the base color to create maximum depth and dimension. This technique uses your hairs intended style to create points of light throughout your hair to create the look of the ultimate beach babe.


This is a look that is centered around a drama. There is typically a sharp contrast between the base color and the color on the ends. The difference between a full Balayage and an Ombre would be the transition is much shorter and more harsh. This is not a gradual change from a darker root area to end that are a few shades lighter this is a dramatic transition from dark to light.

Texture Services


Don’t let old images of tiny blue haired ladies shy you away from a texture service, Perms have come a long way. This can be as traditional or as contemporary as you want it to be. Love beachy waves but born with super straight hair? A Perm can achieve that look just as easily as it can ringlets.

Keratin Treatment

At Sass and Glitter we feature the Keratin Complex treatment system. This is a system that can be used to relax curls, fully straighten them or just simply reduce frizz. A Keratin treatment can reduce drying time by up to 50%, improve the overall look and feel of your hair, reduce frizz, and give natural curls the ability to air dry without the need for tons of product and styling. If you think a Keratin treatment might be right for you but aren’t quite sure, book a consultation today.

Extension Services

Tape-in, Micro link and Keratin fusion extension services are all available with consultation. We exclusively use Babe Hair for all our extension services. Babe hair is the highest quality 100% Remi hair and can be custom color matched to any hair color in the rainbow. A consultation is required before booking any extension service to make sure that all expectations are set and all questions are answered ahead of your appointment. At the consultation you will pay a deposit for your install appointment and the hair that is decided upon will be custom ordered that day. Once the hair has been ordered the standard delivery time is 48 hrs.