About Us


Our Approach

At Sass and Glitter honesty and integrity is the name of the game. The approach is to always have honest conversations to maintain the integrity not only of our relationship as client and professional but also to maintain the integrity of your hair. We are passionate about getting the results you want in a way that keeps your hair looking AND feeling it’s absolute best. 

This is a relationship based business and our view on that is a little different. This is about creating long lasting relationships from client to professional so that before long, we are just one big family. 

Meet the Team


Tara Velasquez


Sass Ambassador

Tara has been in the beauty business for over 15 years as a hairstylist and over 10 years as a licensed Educator. You can be sure she brings knowledge from all aspects of hair. After many years of trying to be a jack of all trades Tara decided to become the master of one,  specializing in Women’s hair needs only.  She is a straight shooter and you can rest assured knowing you are in capable and honest hands.